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What We Envision

Our vision is to create a new venue for us to explore new terrain and new realms together. Nothing like this has existed before. We think you will be as excited as we are as our vision continues to develop and unfold. If you want credentials, or training to function in some organization, then that already exists elsewhere. Here, by contrast, is where you can engage in your quest. A quest, an ancient process, takes place in the present and is how you come to understand who you really are.

Our modern society is, to put it bluntly, in crisis. In the modern world, we don’t have cultures, we only have society, that is, masses of consumers. There has never been a more urgent need for new vision than now.


We are creating resources for you to explore and engage in personal transformation and development. Among the workshops, courses, and resources we are creating:

1. Mysticism and Inner Life.

2. Dreams, Dreaming, and How to Work With Your Dreamlife.

3. Platonism as Spiritual Path.

4. The Spiritual Quest.

5. Dialogue in Spiritual Life.


In our contemporary world, the very concept of sacred sites and sacred landscape is unfamiliar. People often refer not to nature or Nature, but to “natural resources,” that is, the earth, caves, minerals, trees, plants, animals, birds, fish, and so forth as objects to be used, mined, exploited, or managed. Of course, there is a completely different way of understanding nature. We know this intuitively, but how do we engage in it? We have to learn its secrets. We have to understand nature in archaic, more profound ways. Among the workshops, courses, and resources we are creating:

1. Sacred Landscape and Sacred Sites.

2. Sacred Gardens.

3. Working With Genius Loci or Spirits of Place.

4. Working With Herbs, Plants, and Food.


Contemporary society is just that, broadly speaking: society, not culture. Of course some cultures still exist. But the predominant materialist, consumerist ideology inherent in modernity is predicated on the absence of spirituality and culture, and regardless of the particular social structure, be it nominally “communist” or some other variant, modernity both implicitly and actively destroys living cultures. An obvious example is the invasion and occupation of Tibet and the ongoing destruction of Tibetan cultures, but there are many other examples of the same tendency, if not all with the same ferocity, around the world. There is a profound need for understanding both our precious cultural inheritances and the vital principles expressed in living culture. How do those emerge anew in the future? Among the workshops, courses, and resources we are creating:

1. Becoming Conscious With Literature, the Arts, and Philosophy.

2. Sacred Fiction.

3. How to Create Living Culture.

4. Beauty, Truth, and the Good.