Living Principles: Beauty Part 2

Living Principles: Beauty — A Conversation with

Dr. Nikos Salingaros

Dr. Christopher McIntosh and Dr. Arthur Versluis continue the second in a series of videos on Living Principles: Beauty in this provocative conversation with mathematician and polymath Dr. Nikos Salingaros, a professor of mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio with research interests in theories of architecture, humanity and the environment, fractals, and networks. We discuss contemporary architecture and how to create healthy buildings that encourage human and natural flourishing, the relationships between mathematics and architecture, and much more. Dr. Salingaros is author of numerous books and articles in multiple fields, and his books include Unified Architectural TheoryDesign for a Living PlanetBiophilic Design, and Design Patterns and Living Architecture. Please join us for a stimulating and lively conversation.