Future Spiritualities: A Conversation between Dr. Lee Irwin and Dr. Arthur Versluis


Future Spiritualities: A Conversation Between

Dr. Lee Irwin and Dr. Arthur Versluis


In this conversation, Dr. Irwin and Dr. Versluis discuss possible approaches to and development of future forms of spirituality. Subjects discussed include contemporary and emergent forms of non-traditional or perennial types of religion or spirituality, and the development of spiritual communities, a subject also discussed in Dr. Versluis’s next book, Gathering Light: Alchemical Lightwork, Spiritual Awakening, and Creating Cultures of Light. Included in the discussion are topics ranging from American forms of perennialism, spirituality of the land, the development of communities, nature spirituality such as that found at Findhorn with, in particular, Dorothy Maclean, author of To Honor the Earth and Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic.

In his latest book, Sophos Ontology: On Post-Traditional Spirituality, Dr. Lee Irwin discusses religious plurality and post-traditional perspectives on emergent forms of sacred sensibility, particularly for those identifying as “spiritual but not religious.” This book is divided into three parts. The first part is a retrospective account of multiple religious traditions, with emphasis on esoteric thought as influenced by mystical writings, covering western, eastern, and Native American traditions. The second part discusses the need for a new conceptualization of the “sacred” as expressed through multiple spiritual perspectives relevant to a pansentient, post-traditional process ontology. Other topics in this section include the importance of an ethically shaped spirituality, collective influences, dreams, imagination, and the role of pluralism in shaping beliefs. Part three explores the role of faith, redefined as spiritual commitment, mysticism as direct experiential knowledge, and transpersonal theory influenced by comparative studies in altered states of consciousness, paranormal research, and the metaphysics of discovery — all contributing to the development of present and future spirituality.