Dreams Beyond Time: A Conversation with Dr. Lee Irwin

 A Conversation on Dreams Beyond Time with Dr. Lee Irwin and Dr. Arthur Versluis



In Dreams Beyond Time: On Sacred Encounter and Spiritual Transformation (Lanham: Lexington, 2022), Dr. Lee Irwin offers readers an overview of dreams research as applied to non-ordinary dreams. In it, he discusses dreaming as a process of creative discovery in terms of mythology and sacred encounters with non-ordinary beings in dreams, as well as dimensional exploration. Through virtual dreaming encounters, Dr. Irwin unveils latent human potentials and suggest aspects for spiritual development based on dream recording, interpretation, and analysis. In the book, and in this conversation, he discusses dreams in terms of a pan-sentient cosmos, illustrating a vivid, living universe of process-becoming in which certain dream types reveal mythic, psychic, and transpersonal capacities as intrinsic to a deeper more awakened sense of intersubjective self-awareness. Join us for an introduction to dreams and dreaming as you’ve almost certainly never encountered them before.