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Authentic Education

A Conversation with Dr. Joshua DiCaglio, Dr. Richard M. Doyle, and Dr. Arthur Versluis

In this provocative conversation on authentic education, and the relationships between higher education, spirituality, and mysticism, Dr. Arthur Versluis is joined by Dr. Richard Matthew Doyle, Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of English, whose books include Darwin’s Pharmacy, The Genesis of Now, On Beyond Living: Rhetorical Transformations of the Life Sciences, and with Gary Weber, Into the Stillness. He has taught a wide range of courses on unusual subjects at Pennsylvania State University, and is here today to talk about authentic education with Dr. Joshua Dicaglio, an Assistant Professor of English Texas A&M University, who studies rhetoric, science, and mysticism as intersecting modes of discourse. His book, Scale Theory: A Nondisciplinary Inquiry, was released in 2021 with the University of Minnesota Press. He also writes and teaches about ecocriticism and environmental rhetoric, science and technology studies (STS), science fiction, technical writing, critical theory, history of rhetoric, rhetorical theory, and Advaitan and Buddhist philosophies of language.


A Conversation with Dr. Christopher McIntosh

and Dr. Arthur Versluis

In this conversation, Dr. Christopher McIntosh and Dr. Arthur Versluis discuss reverence and its absence in contemporary life. What is reverence, and why is it important for us, especially in our era of distraction?

A Conversation with Dr. Kingsley Dennis

about Future Cultures

Dr. Kingsley Dennis holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Lancaster University, and is author of numerous books and articles, including The Sacred Revival, New Consciousness for a New World, and The Inversion, available in 2023. He has collaborated with Dr. Ervin Laszlo and the Club of Budapest, and his books are available via Amazon and other websites, including Beautiful Traitor Books. His personal website is here. In this conversation, he and Arthur Versluis discuss contemporary social crises, the possibility of intensifying American civil conflict, and pathways to cultural and spiritual renaissance.

A Conversation on Dreams Beyond Time

with Dr. Lee Irwin and Dr. Arthur Versluis

In his latest book, Dreams Beyond Time: On Sacred Encounter and Spiritual Transformation (Lanham: Lexington, 2022), Dr. Lee Irwin offers readers an overview of dreams research as applied to non-ordinary dreams. In it, he discusses dreaming as a process of creative discovery in terms of mythology and sacred encounters with non-ordinary beings in dreams, as well as dimensional exploration. Through virtual dreaming encounters, Dr. Irwin unveils latent human potentials and suggest aspects for spiritual development based on dream recording, interpretation, and analysis. In the book, and in this conversation, he discusses dreams in terms of a pan-sentient cosmos, illustrating a vivid, living universe of process-becoming in which certain dream types reveal mythic, psychic, and transpersonal capacities as intrinsic to a deeper more awakened sense of intersubjective self-awareness. Join us for an introduction to dreams and dreaming as you’ve almost certainly never encountered them before.

A Conversation on Esoteric Fiction

With Dr. Aaron J. French, Dr. Christopher McIntosh,

and Dr. Arthur Versluis

In this stimulating conversation, three authors and scholars discuss what esoteric fiction is, with an array of examples including such well-known authors as Charles Williams, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, H.P. Lovecraft, Thomas Ligotti, and many others. Are works in the horror genre esoteric? Can they be esoteric? What is esoteric fiction? How can we know? Our authors and scholars provide answers, and along the way discuss how esoteric fiction works, the importance of style as well as setting and mood, and how their own fiction can be understood as having esoteric dimensions.
For the fiction and related work of Dr. Aaron J. French, see the following links for a start:

The Time Eater
The Gods of HP Lovecraft
There Is No Death, There Are No Dead

For the fiction of Dr. Christopher McIntosh, see,
as well as this video on his novel Return of the Tetrad.

For the fiction of Dr. Arthur Versluis, see his listing at or here, both of which include The Ash Wednesday Supper

Living Principles: Beauty — A Conversation with

Dr. Nikos Salingaros

Dr. Christopher McIntosh and Dr. Arthur Versluis continue the second in a series of videos on Living Principles: Beauty in this provocative conversation with mathematician and polymath Dr. Nikos Salingaros, a professor of mathematics at the University of Texas at San Antonio with research interests in theories of architecture, humanity and the environment, fractals, and networks. We discuss contemporary architecture and how to create healthy buildings that encourage human and natural flourishing, the relationships between mathematics and architecture, and much more. Dr. Salingaros is author of numerous books and articles in multiple fields, and his books include Unified Architectural TheoryDesign for a Living PlanetBiophilic Design, and Design Patterns and Living Architecture. Please join us for a stimulating and lively conversation.

The Re-enchantment of the World: A Conversation with Lionel Snell

In this lively conversation with Lionel Snell—who has also published a number of books under the name Ramsey Dukes—Christopher McIntosh and Arthur Versluis discuss the disenchantment of the world that began with the advent of modern scientism and materialistic premises that still govern many peoples’ worldviews still today. How do we re-enchant the world around us and begin to develop more profound and meaningful relationships with nature and with others? Lionel Snell offers practical ideas for re-enchanting our world, and for understanding magic and magical thinking in new and provocative ways. Magic, as it happens, is not necessarily what you might have thought it to be.

Living Principles: Beauty — A Conversation with Dr. Frederick Turner

In this video from Hieros Institute, Dr. Christopher McIntosh and Dr. Frederick Turner discuss with Dr. Arthur Versluis how vital the principle of beauty is in the formation of cultures, and how contemporary global society is in particular need of understanding and appreciation for it. Dr. McIntosh, in addition to being a well-known scholar of Rosicrucianism and author of Gardens of the Gods, is an accomplished author of pagan fiction. Dr. Turner, an emeritus Endowed Chair Founders Professor, is a widely published scholar and poet, and Dr. Versluis is author of books on a range of topics centering on mysticism, consciousness, and the intersections of religion, spirituality, and literature. 

We also include an ART RECENTERED: A MANIFESTO (pdf here), about which Dr. Turner writes:

In the mid-1990’s, a group of artists, writers and thinkers gathered around the American Arts Quarterly and a few other sympathetic publications, performance groups and exhibition venues, variously characterized as natural classicists, visionary realists, radical centrists, new formalists, or, our favorite, the Derrière Guard. A group of us gathered together at Chesley, the Blue Ridge home of the sculptor Frederick Hart and hammered out the manifesto as it now stands. It has appeared in various publications since. The group at Chesley included the composer-poet Claudia Annis, the anthropologist Robin Fox, the psychologist-poet Frederick Feirstein, Frederick Hart himself, Lindy Hart, and the poet-scholar Frederick Turner, who organized and finalized the full text. Other figures whose ideas and inspirations contributed to the movement were the poets Dana Gioia and Dick Allen, the mathematician-poet Emily Grosholtz, the composer Stefania de Kenessey, the restoration ecologist William R. Jordan III, the biologist Edward O. Wilson, the linguist Stephen Pinker, the artist Jacob Collins, the writer Tom Wolfe, the publisher James Cooper, and several other luminaries.

A Conversation on Mysticism in Practice with Robert Faas and Arthur Versluis

This conversation accompanies Conversations in Apocalyptic Times: A Guide for the Spiritual Seeker (2021), available here, here, and here. In it, Robert Faas, a clinical psychologist, and Arthur Versluis, author and public speaker on religion, discuss Jacob Boehme’s advice on how we can develop a deeper spiritual life in his Dialogues on the Supersensual Life.

Hieros · Conversation on Mysticism: Robert Faas and Arthur Versluis

A Conversation Between Basarab Nicolescu and Arthur Versluis: Spirituality and Transdisciplinarity

Hieros · Conversation on Mysticism: Robert Faas and Arthur Versluis

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