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The Complete Works of Dr John Pordage: Donation Opportunity

In the history of Christian mysticism, one of the most extraordinary figures is Dr John Pordage (d. 1675). John Pordage was a spiritual practitioner who led a small group of others in England, and published a series of vast and profound books about his spiritual life and experiences. Those books were subsequently published in German, and the English manuscripts were lost. Robert Faas has undertaken the monumental task of having all of Pordage’s important work translated back into English in a series, hiring a highly qualified specialist to do the translations.

These are astonishing books, with profound teachings about the Divine Sophia, about after-death states, spiritual alchemy, about how to engage in spiritual practice, about the nature of angels and non-physical beings, and so much else.

But just one of these books, Divine and Holy Metaphysics, is nearly 1000 pages, and will cost about $20,000.00 U.S. just to pay the translator. If you would like to support the translation and publication of this volume, if you note “Pordage” in the form, 100% of your donation will go to support this publication.

In return, your name and that of all donors over $200.00 who so choose will be listed in this book and will receive a free copy when it is published.

Thank you for your generosity!

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