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Sacred Knowledge in a Materialistic Age

Hieros Institute was founded to provide ways of deepening your knowledge and experience of the sacred in contemporary life, and we’re moving forward on this mission, with multiple new, unique courses. Here, we’re taking a moment to explain how these courses are unique and what they share as unique premises. Contemporary higher education developed first in a religious, then later in an increasingly secular and materialistic context, based in a fundamentally dualistic worldview. How do we get beyond this dualistic materialism? What models can we develop that allow us to understand ourselves and nature more deeply, and most importantly, in ways that don’t reject our inherited knowledge, but incorporate it and seek to apply it?

We teach what they don’t teach in school—what is left out of conventional, bureaucratized education, but is in fact most essential. We already offer Becoming Conscious: Discovering What It Means to Be Human, and another course, The Short Way: The Christian Mystical Path. In process are three more courses: Creating Your Sacred Garden with Dr. Christopher McIntosh, Secrets of Sacred Landscapes, with Dr. Arthur Versluis, and A Man’s Handbook: Optimizing Your Health, Vigor, Masculinity, and Life. These are unique to Hieros Institute, and each course is equivalent to a book, or in some cases, tied to a book by the course authors.

We know that often courses, especially by recognized experts, can cost many hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But, especially as we launch this initiative, we want to keep ours affordable. We will soon be raising our course access fees, but for now are capping them at 99.00 USD.

What you receive in return is invaluable. We provide unique guidance and multi-media approaches for each course. The Short Way doesn’t just give you mystical texts—it gives you a remarkably clear mystical guidance drawing on extraordinary images, advice from the great mystic Jacob Böhme, with explanations and guided meditations as well as recorded podcast discussions so that you can, step by step, understand and engage in the Christian mystical path for yourself. Our courses are experiential.

Hieros Institute is a 501c3 non-profit/charity organization whose activities are funded primarily by these courses and our occasional public events or workshops. By purchasing a course, you’re supporting our unique mission and outreach, and also expanding your own horizon.