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New Hieros Institute website coming!


We have exciting news for you regarding our Hieros Institute ( website. We have been working behind the scenes for quite some time and developed an entirely new infrastructure, with many new features. Our courses will be displayed in a striking new format, with new options for you. Our site will offer membership perks for you, and we’re developing a new journal featuring articles and reviews, as well as new courses and much else.

We expect to launch the new site some time in the next several weeks, and we expect there may be some transition period during which we’ll address any issues. Please be patient, and if you encounter issues, please send them to us at of****@hi***.institute, and we’ll sort them out as swiftly as we can.

The impetus here is to develop the Hieros community. Our long-term aims including creating a fellowship program to support authors, workshops and events, and much else. We have an ambitious agenda, and as you’ll see in our new site, a number of these are already underway. By purchasing our courses, you’re helping support Hieros, a US 501c3 nonprofit, as all of these changes and developments are costly, and your donations are much appreciated as we continue to expand.

All good wishes,

Your Hieros Institute Team