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Supersensual Life

The Short Way is a unique online course to explore mysticism, hosted by Dr. Arthur Versluis, with contributions from clinical psychologist Robert Faas. The Short Way is, as far as we know, completely unprecedented. In it, we  offer you a very rare set of resources to explore mysticism for yourself. This course is organized for co-exploration. In it, you’ll be working with a very unusual, very clear and direct spiritual instruction in dialogue form by Jacob Böhme, an exceptional mystic who, near the end of his life, wrote this spiritual or heart advice for his own students and circle. A selection from this work of spiritual advice is accompanied each week by an image from Böhme’s work, and by video and audio discussion of Böhme’s advice as well as specific ways to engage in the spiritual practice being discussed. We might call this an exploratory, rather than simply a course, because what we’re engaging directly with what Böhme is pointing us toward. In this regard, what we’re doing here is fundamentally different than what happens in a university or college classroom, or in scholarly texts. The practice being introduced here is not found in academic or church settings, and yet it is, Böhme tells us, essential to how we spiritually awaken. We must engage in this path if we are to develop spiritually. How do we do that? What is the path? These are the kinds of practical questions that Böhme presents us with, and clearly and concisely answers. Both of us have many years of contemplative experience, and we look forward to exploring mysticism with you. The course is twelve modules, with weekly guided meditations, images, audio podcasts, and much more. It’s designed for three months, but you can take it at your own pace. On sale temporarily for only 49.00!

Course topics include

  • What is Mysticism?
  • How to Begin
  • Contemplative Alchemy
  • Love and the Harrowing of Hell
  • Breaking Through the Partition Wall
  • Recognizing the Two Eyes
  • Letting Go
  • Life Beyond Death
  • Energies and the Body of Light
  • Illumination
  • The Short Way