Becoming Conscious: Discovering What It Means To Be Human

Hieros · June 1, 2024

Welcome to Becoming Conscious, a unique online course by Arthur Versluis. In it, we’re going to explore how, by working with nature, and with the great works of the humanities, you can develop your consciousness in unexpected and vital ways. This course introduces the humanities in an entirely new way, in the light of consciousness. It is organized with weekly experiments aligned with readings and explorations of literature, art, music, theater, and more, all in terms of developing our consciousness.

In Becoming Conscious, you’ll explore the humanities in fundamentally new ways, and in the process explore what it means to be truly human. Philosophy, literature, drama, poetry, art, nature: these are actually ways of exploring who we are, and the nature of our own consciousness. Join us in this exploration. Since this is our first course, we’re making it available at more than two-thirds off, for a nominal cost of 99.00 USD.  

Course topics include: 
Becoming Conscious
Rediscovering Meaning in Nature
Working with Dreams
The Consciousness Revolution
Reflective Awareness
Seeing Poetry Anew
Seeing the World Anew
Fiction in a New Light
Hearing the Cosmos
Experiencing Dramatic Life
Understanding the Cosmos
Realizing Our Nature
Integrative Learning
Toward A New Renaissance
Meditation and Your Mind
Conscious Life

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